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Golf Outing Ideas

Starfire Golf Club - Friday, April 16, 2010

Golf outing ideas can provide for a great, themed game that will be both a fun time spent enjoying the sport, but also a novel way to put a new spin on things. With a little creativity, a group can implement a new set of rules to spice things up, and perhaps even get the game sponsored by companies looking to gain some exposure.

Here are a few golf outing ideas to get the creative juices flowing. You could have a ladies only tournament, even going so far as to have the men caddy for the women which can make for a fun day. You can also have a youth tournament in which only players under eighteen may participate. You could also host a nine hole scramble.

A really fun golf outing idea is to have a hole in one competition in which everyone pays an entry fee with the first player to make a hole in one winning the pot. If no one makes a hole in one, the money stays in the pot and the next competition players add to the pot with another entry fee until someone gets a hole in one. This can make for a really fun time as players watch the pot get bigger.

Some more fun

golf outing ideas include father son, mother daughter tournaments or vice versa. Speed golf also makes for a fun day as does moonlight golf. Moonlight golf is a great way to really take a new approach to the game. You use fluorescent balls or even glow in the dark balls. It is good fun to see them streak through the air when hit well, and to see the players make their way across the course wearing glowing markers so they are easily spotted.

Starfire Golf Club

offers a great venue for your golf outing. We can help you plan your event and ensure that it goes off without a hitch. All it takes is a little effort and creative thought to come up with some fun golf outing ideas that will make for a memorable experience.